The idea

The idea of Ontrak started back when I was in college, while writing a paper for a final. I found my own ability to concentrate on work to be a living nightmare. One could start writing at say, 7 pm after dinner in the dining hall, then next thing you know your watching videos of a dog surfing in Hawaii on Youtube. It is now 2 am, and you barely have 3 paragraphs into a 3 page paper. That’s when I thought “What if there was a utility that a user could setup to block distractions”. For instance, instead of watching Youtube or doing something else, you can just block those distractions and just get work done.

Why free?

I feel the ability to educate yourself should be accessible to all, without the concern of a paywall or some other barrier to entry that would inhibit a person’s ability to better themselves. Therefore, Ontrak is and always will be free for personal users. That’s it. No gimmick, no catch, no extra feature that is denied because you are not “premium” enough.

The author

My name is Vince, and I have had an interest in technology since I was quite young. I like to make tools that help people in some way, I feel if I am to build something, it should have a tangible benefit to an average user, there should be a way your project improves the life of someone else. Whatever that benefit is.

When I am not programming, I like things such as traveling, trying different restaurants and craft beers and always try to learn something new every day.