Steam…has officially run out of steam.

Ontrak is a tool developed to help those who have trouble studying get back Ontrak and work smarter, not harder. Keep yourself ontrack with Ontrak’s proven track record of blocking with built in anti escape measures and even punishments for a user attempts to escape the blocks. If you’re ready to download, click here!

Block both sites AND programs.

With Ontrak, you can block sites and programs alike…even the entire web browser can be blocked.

Work smart

With Ontrak you can set a work schedule that fits you, while still being Ontrack. Ontrak allows you to set breaks at intervals YOU decide on. Studies show that taking frequent short breaks while working can actually make the human mind perform more productively.

In harmony with your computer, not the other way around

Ontrak is designed to work with your computer, not the other way around. For starters, it comes in a impressively small installation package. Ontrak also contains no browser extensions, or large executable packages. Finally, Ontrak’s filter methods work in unison with utilities already existing inside of your computer. This means not only do you work smarter, so does your computer. Ontrak is designed to stay out of the way, so you can be more awesome.


Did I mention the best part? Ontrak is free for home and personal use. All features, functions, and parts of the program are free for personal use, and always will be. Education and productivity should be accessible to all, without a barrier. Ready to have a more productive experience on your computer? click below to download!